Sean Muldrow

I’m currently entering my fourth year at SCAD, and I’m majoring in Painting, minoring in Printmaking. I was born in Austin, Texas and raised in Milford, Ohio, although I attended schools in Pennsylvania for a time. As a result I don’t feel a special attachment to any one place. I like to move around so spending this quarter in Lacoste suits me perfectly. My primary concern is living day-by-day and being as happy as I can as often as I can. Other than that, I enjoy playing guitar (I purchased one in Apt), eating good food, and discovering new things.

Artist Statement
I am exploring a romanticized idea of the creative subconscious, and have chosen to bring this romance to light with the use of vigorous detail and vivid color. I combine this with a ritualistic aesthetic and a penchant for graphic masquerading creatures with cartoonish deformities in environments organic and strange. The work is simultaneously a promotion of spiritual wellbeing as well as an effort to manifest the positivity that can be found in human impulse through darkness.

“Those who lose dreaming are lost.”
-Aboriginal Proverb


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