Mizuki Katakura


    Artist Statement

When the battle is lost and old songs die

And histories return to soil

Carcasses will flower in spring

A blue bluer than indigo.


My work is about the dynamics of a multicultural society and individual.  I wish not to be simply pluralist and make art “celebrating diversity”or fall into the kitschy trap of “celebrating my culture.”  Rather, I want to examine the process of multiple identities and cultural elements coming together, some of them which conflicts with each other, and unavoidably requiring reevaluation.  Not everything may survive.  Old treasures are found useless and cast aside, values and beliefs are compromised.  People lament such losses and frantically work to “preserve” culture, but I also see a forging of something anew that is better than what was.  The result is an identity more intense and marvelous than any of which it draws elements from, just as the indigo dye is much bluer than live indigo.


Mizuki Katakura was born in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan and grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She now lives in Savannah, Georgia.

She is majoring in Painting and minoring in Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Most of her work is two-dimensional in drawing mediums, oil and watercolor but recently she has been wanting to learn more printmaking.  Her work is inspired by the natural world, cultural and sociological phenomena and a variety of current issues and events.

When she is not making art Mizuki is a math and physics geek, piano enthusiast, natural bilingual, secular humanist, avid reader, secret goth, amateur cook, and eager tutor.  She is related to the manga artist Yoji Katakura.


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