Kimberly Bates

Artist Statement:

My work embodies beauty found within a portion of space.  The layers of flowing paint engage in moments of uncertainty, allowing room for discovery between conception and chaos.  Each project has held the complexity of my struggle to get to a moment of peace.  This observation of struggle imitates life and the sentimental longing to be brought out of the darkness.


Growing up in Louisiana, I have been interested in making art since the age of five. At the time I didn’t think of it as making art or being an artist, it was just something that most kids did. My personal background played an immense part in my journey to finding myself artistically.  I am the youngest of three girls, and with sisters that are ten years my senior I relied on my imagination throughout my childhood.  Armed with advice, guidance, hard work, dedication and most of all passion, I was able to further explore and fine-tune my artistic abilities at Louisiana State University. Now pursuing a MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design, I am exploring more in depth the meaning behind my work. I’m always honored and appreciative when someone enjoys my art. I can tell a story without saying a word.  I can convey an emotion without a physical touch. I can spark a memory that stimulate people in their souls.

Photo by: Shayla Bysina


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