Kayla Cloonan

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Artist Statement

The most compelling facet of the human vocabulary is mark: stain, tear, carve, stitch. These animate the sense of touch, an essential part of the human experience, a sensory necessity. My art communicates the physical impact with surface and materials. By recording small moments of line and shape within the larger form, the image retains cohesion by association of pieces to a whole. Whimsical error and happenstance develop through creative moments of tactile relationships, resulting in visual information. My work bridges the gap between surface and surrounding space.


Kayla Cloonan is an undergraduate at Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in painting. After studying photography through most of high school and into community college, Kayla shifted gears when she transferred to SCAD in 2010 into the painting department. With a background in film processes, Kayla has always been interested in experimenting with materials and so the exploration continues into her current work. Kayla is originally from southwest Florida but currently resides in Savannah, GA.

During the fall 2012 quarter, Kayla will be taking courses Travel Portfolio and an Independent Study focusing on landscape painting.



Cloonan Portfolio

Cloonan Blog


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