Kate Marie Phillips

Kate at Pont du Gard © Ann Haley

Mindful examination, experimentation, and experience of physical reality as it coincides with the metaphysical are key steps to my artistic process. To communicate the simultaneous nature of unity and duality, I utilize unconventional combinations of everyday materials. I enable my audience to access the power of their own consciousness as it exists within their own bodies as well as body of the universe. After all, awareness of life is life itself.

My humble beginnings began in a mountainous valley of northern Utah. Influenced strongly by my tumultuous journey of maturity laid against the grandure of my landscape, I grew to view everything in my life as a masterpiece. Though I have relocated this quarter to a new landscape of people and experiences in Lacoste, France, I continue to lead a simple lifestyle as a way of thinking as I practice my work. As a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design campus in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, I am pursuing my goals as a double major in Painting and Sculpture with a double minor in Art History and Design for Sustainability. My hope is to inspire individual and universal awareness into all I come in contact with by someday becoming a professor of the arts. Additionally, I plan on starting a business and community organization based upon education, collaboration, and sustainable fine art supply.

Beyond the artistic realm, I spend much of my time outdoors exploring the natural world via skiing, wake-boarding, running, and long walks often with a good friend by my side. In my down time I volunteer at the Atlanta Humane Society, practice my cooking skills, and read many, many books.

Artist Photo by Ann Haley.
Slideshow Photos by McKell Terry, Monica Phillips, and Kate Phillips.

For current in-progress work, click here!

To contact Kate Marie Phillips, email phillips.katemarie@gmail.com

The slideshow below begins with my work from 5 years ago and leads to my progress today.

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