Julie Miller

Artist Statement:
My paintings are a result of a search for sense.  Sense of an energy I’ve experienced since I was small, an energy I hope that most everyone, in turn, can experience through my paintings.  My careful, slow brushstrokes are a communication with the unfinished painting, a mini meditation with each deliberate touch of brush to canvas.  I try to communicate the energy of my subject without slipping into anything blatantly representative or archetypal, creating images that are simultaneously grounded and ephemeral.

Julie Miller was born and raised in rural Harford Country, Maryland and now lives in the shade of a towering live oak in Savannah Georgia.
In her artwork she likes to experiment with blending the figural with effervescent streaks of energy, and has recently moved into complete abstraction, despite being terrified of what could happen.  But as Julie always says, going outside of your comfort zone can only result in you expanding it.
Julie works by absorbing the beauty of existence and interpreting it in ways that she hopes are both elegant and resonating.

Artist’s Blog:
Julie Miller

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