Julie Ferris

Artist’s Statement

My work is influenced by everything equine or equestrian related: the symbolism, power, history, and beauty connected to the horse and all encompasses it. I feel the need to revolutionize the world of horse art by offering an alternative to the kitschy attitude of many contemporary horse paintings being made today. Horses are known for their noble and valiant character where elegance and ruggedness are combined into one. The horse personifies the concept of steel and velvet because even though it is strong and powerful, it also possesses a gentle and soft nature. I find that assessing this animal through direct and indirect observation helps me to capture the best representations of it. Creating works related to horses encourage and inspire me with a positive message, one that I want to share with people all over the world. Old masters such as George Stubbs, Theodore Gericault, and Rosa Bonheur inspire me and I find myself integrating these artists into my work with a modern and contemporary twist in combination with their old traditional style. Painting horses is one of the means in which I use to reveal my Christian faith. In my work, I aim to reflect the beauty of this incredible animal, which in turn, reflects the beauty of its Maker. As William Kentridge proposed about artists, and yet another reason as to why I gravitate to the subject of the horse: “We are attracted to the otherness of animals because it says something about the unfathomable otherness in us”

Fall Quarter 2012

Julie is enrolled in the Landscape painting class this fall in Lacoste and is exploring the different techniques and styles of painting “en plein air” as the French elegantly say,  which basically means “outside.” The most challenging thing about painting “en plein air” is that you simply cannot paint everything and narrowing the composition and subject matter down is the hardest part. Also, another difficult aspect of this type of painting is choosing a color palette that works for your style and focus. There are countless options of color palettes as well as beautiful scenes to paint. Julie’s focus this quarter is to master the art of painting “en plein air” and all of the techniques that goes along with it so she can apply what she learns to enhance her future bodies of work as an artist. There could not be a better place than Lacoste to learn these things.


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