Elizabeth Bailor Francis Colland

Artist Statement:
Inspired by the freedom of mark which is captured by the essence of Dada artists as well as German Expressionists, I am taking my collegiate intellectually planned education of art making and rebelling against it with a potion of adolescent magic. This fight, this challenge set forth by the stimulation of a long lost intuition set aside by a ubiquitous language that when believed contagiously reaches beyond the lake where Nessy resides, fairies banter, and gargoyles guard in an allegiance of the universe.

Under the spell of SCAD Savannah until June 2013, I am a painter and warlord of the arts. My special skills involve painting, singing, dancing and laughing. In the upcoming winter that is intrinsic to the woodland hills of Pennsylvania, I will embark on a musical journey. Other interests include writing, reading, poetry, and seriously joking. My most purposeful passions involve love, nature and all animals.


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