Mission Complete: Operation Vernissage

By Charles “Chuck” Parham, M.F.A painting student, SCAD Atlanta

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November, has been busy for students, faculty and especially staff members at SCAD Lacoste. This week’s mission was our student Exposition/Vernissage. The exposition, is our end of the quarter exhibition, where students are given the opportunity to showcase their artworks done throughout the quarter. The exhibition would not have been possible without the hard and dedicated service from our staff members. To make you aware of one of their tedious tasks, student’s artists statements and titles for their works were translated into the French. This effort was a joint project, credited primarily to Cedric Maros, coordinator of exhibitions and special events, and Hélène Soalhat, our administrative manager.

From today’s turnout, the hours of work from our staff members really paid off. Despite the chilly and grey afternoon, natives of Lacoste as well as visitors from across the globe and Provence came out to support the rich history of the Student Exposition/Vernissage. 

The Exposition/Vernissage was a treat for the students. It was a time of relaxation and fun from all of the hard and tedious work throughout the fall quarter. As a graduate student, Lacoste has been a grand time. Farewell Lacoste!

Photos credited by Charles “Chuck” Parham


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