Lacoste School of the Arts – the Vernissage is here!

The Vernissage is from 2 – 7 pm on Saturday, November 17 with the reception from 5 – 7 pm. The students are in their final hours of preparation. Sami Woolhiser and Caroline Hepler-Smith are the Vernissage assistants for painting. They have coordinated the work flow and a mountain of information with timeliness and clarity, and the painting students have answered the call for assistance reliably showing up for their shifts.

The painting students will exhibit work from their painting courses and from other courses, such as Travel Portfolio and Installation, in a variety of the spaces at Lacoste. There are over 600 works that will be on view (there are 44 photographers here along with the 20 painters and a goodly number of sculptors and other majors). For anyone who has taught or studied here, you will recognized that additional space was needed to accommodate this profusion. Of note the back cave of the printmaking space has been outfitted with wires on the two main walls and one side wall, and it has become a show-case space, with a vaulted ceiling of more than 20 feet. Also, one wall of the boutique has been turned over for the display of small works, such as panoramic sky paintings, and Studio 3 is full. Here is 10% of the work that will be exhibited.

And of course, in classic Lacoste fashion, Rue St. Trophime and Rue du Four become outdoor walking galleries. Works by Sean Muldrow and other painters are strategically positioned to pull the viewers from one venue to another, and the students will be out in force for their one-day showing to greet guests and help them to discover every square inch of art that is to be seen.

We all wish that you were all here.

All photo documentation created by Kayla Cloonan, BFA Painting, SCAD Savannah


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