Dan Adel’s Studio

By Jordan Acosta, B.F.A. Painting, SCAD Savannah

This past Saturday, November 10, the Intermediate Painting students received the opportunity to visit Dan Adel’s studio in Lacoste. Dan is a classical painter who creates very dynamic paintings of drapery cast over sculpture. He creates natural depth that goes beyond the surface of the paintings. He shared with the students his experiences of being a professional artist and the journey that led up to the artist he is today. His journey began as a portrait artist as well as a character illustrator. His illustrations have been featured in and on the cover of many US magazines. For instance, in 2004, Dan’s portrait of the Man of the Year was featured on the cover of Times magazine. He has been represented by Arcadia Fine Art in SoHo, New York, NY since 2001.

Dan encourages us as young artists to practice classical rendering but at the same time not to get stuck in technique. We discussed how Dali is a great example for young artists to admire, for Dali achieved the balance between classical rendering and creativity. It is easy for artists to go to one extreme, either lost in the realm of creativity or be stuck in technique of the classical era.

We were able to see how Dan set up his studio to paint and observe how to clean brushes. Overall, Dan was very encouraging and it was helpful to listen to his tips on how to become a successful artist.

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Photo credit: Sandra Reed


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