Week 7 Landscape Painting: Fontaine de Vaucluse, take two

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For our Week 7 painting site on Tuesday, November 5, the Landscape Painting class returned to Fontaine de Vaucluse. We got an early start to get more hours ahead of the earlier sunset. Aurelie in the Maison Basse kitchen prepared sandwiches and other picnic items for us so no one had to stop to buy lunch. Some students settled in to work within Petrarch’s garden. Kim Bates took on larger works focusing on the transition of water from glass smoothness into dramatic turbulence. Sujay created a painting of water that looks good upside down. Ana focused on the bands of green and gold in the surface reflections and Sami turned her talents to feature a blast of golden leaves amidst the rising crags of the area. Mizuki created several works in the garden as well. Tyler created a small sensuous study of the Sorgue as it approached an old dam. Melodie focused on the dam itself, allowing the painting of the area from the prior week to remain visible in the upper area. Julie painted the turn of the river over the damn, the weeping willow tree, and houses on the opposite bank. Just before  sunset, a rainbow warned that rain was coming. The shift of color during that time was spectacular, awe-inspiring. We were chilled by the time we loaded the van with fresh paintings and gear, and during the entire return trip, a light show unfolded with skies of colors so intense that if we’d captured them in a painting, they would have seemed exaggerated.


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