The Bee Keeper: Faculty Presentation by Allen Peterson

On Wednesday, November 7, Allen Peterson, professor of sculpture, ended the faculty presentation series with his talk at Maison Forte.

By Kate Phillips, BFA Painting, BFA Sculpture, SCAD Atlanta

We are all little bees, in a way, each performing a dance to the rhythm of life, expressed Professor Allen Peterson on his ideas and motivation for his artwork. He explains that we each are all responsible to the community of life, just like a honey bee is necessary to the pollination of crops, construction of its hive, and protection of its queen. Prof. Peterson was honest in expressing that he knows he can’t change the whole world overnight, but he has hopes to reinvigorate a sense of community and responsibility in people utilizing bees as his artistic metaphor.

Through his extensive iron-working abilities, he has created works utilizing the hexagon structure of beehives in conjunction with the bee dance to press paper and create installations. Also, he has performed live iron pours for choreographed dances to use newly-poured glowing bees. Further, implementing beeswax busts and the hard work of real life bees, Prof. Peterson shows his interest in a relationship with bees beyond the metaphor. In the meantime, when he is not directly working on his pieces or teaching at SCAD, he cares for a hive of approximately 40,000 bees along with raising two little girls — with the help of his wife — in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo Credit: Sandra Reed


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