Painters write.

This blog is not the only thing that the painting students have been writing this term. Most students in Lacoste take at least one art history course. They are assigned a substantial amount of reading and I’ve heard so much about their research papers that I thought it might be interesting to create a list of topics from this term.

Severed Ties and Opened Eyes: Cézanne’s  Isolation and the Advancements That Followed

Gaugin in Arles

Cézanne: Pushing Formalism

Vincent Van Gogh, Mad Genius in Arles

Religious Influence on Art

Vincent Van Gogh’s Influence on the Evolution of Art

From Infrastructure to Historical Treasure: The Legacy of Pont du Gard

Cézanne and Zola: Pursuing Greatness

The painting students reported that Professor Trittel noted that painters, as a group, received the highest grades on their papers. I have yet to confirm that directly with Professor Trittel!


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