Taking Time, Faculty Presentation by Professor Reed

Sandra Reed, professor of painting at SCAD Savannah, was the fifth presenter in the SCAD Lacoste Fall 2012 Faculty Presentation series. The final faculty presentation, by Professor Allen Peterson, will be Wednesday, November 7.

By Sherran Deems, professor of foundation studies, SCAD Savannah

On Monday, October 29, Sandra Reed, professor of painting in SCAD Savannah, gave a presentation on her approach to landscape.  Prof. Reed had a Power Point presentation continuously running showing examples of her work as students, faculty and staff arrived.

Before the presentation began students were talking among themselves trying to decide if she worked from photographs. They came to the conclusion that she had to be using photographs; no one could be that exact when working plein air. Imagine their surprise when Prof. Reed began by addressing that very sentiment – indicating that many times people think she works from photographs but she never does.  All of her work is done on location and may take several years to complete.

A short video interview of her as she was working helped all to understand how she worked and why she approached the image as she did. She then went on to explain that part of the attraction of working plein aire was in addressing the changes that happen over time since she seldom finishes a work in one sitting.  She discussed her choice of subject matter; about working on location; about being greeted by people who gave her stories from their history about her choice of subject, and how the entire process enriched the end result. The work became not just about what she was seeing but about the history of the place as it evolved over time.

Thanks to Prof. Reed’s presentation we all left with a much richer understanding of what it means to work on location and why the decision to do so can transform the end result.

Photo Credit: Alexandra Telgmann


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