Halloween in Lacoste

By: Kimberly Bates, MFA Painting, SCAD Savannah

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The students of SCAD Lacoste again hosted Halloween festivities that are now becoming a French tradition in Provence. The streets of Lacoste were aligned with 500 visitors in various costumes.  “I thought Halloween was great. It was well coordinated by Cedric coupled with the high participation from students to interact with the locals. It was a perfect activity to take a break from our studies,” said Kate Phillips.  With the collaboration of students from painting, sculpture, and photography helped accomplish a successful afternoon.  Children as well as grown ups were welcome to face painting and skeleton drawing by the painters. Photography students assisted with pumpkin carving and the photo booth; and in joint effort of all majors aided the haunted caves. Ecole de Lacoste provided drinks and refreshments.

The highlight of the evening was the various caves occupied by costumed performers that scared children in theatrical settings. The first cave was kid friendly with all the balloons that covered the floor and the children were welcome to take them.  The next darkened cave invited individuals to stick their hands into a structure for candy but instead being surprise by a blast of air that left the treat-or-treaters in shock. In the end, they were rewarded with a handful of candy. As people walked to the final performance, kids were running and screaming from the terror that was behind the entrance. It had a mad scientist and her “pet” creation chasing the children around.  Some came back just for the thrill of being scared. Later that evening students celebrated the closing of Halloween with a costume party at Café de Sade.


Postscript: Ruth Bradley, Lacoste resident, blog-writer, all-around creative, and president of the parents’ group at Ecole de Lacoste, posted the most wonderful photos from the Halloween refreshments booth. Kayla Cloonan, undergraduate painter, helped Ruth with some last minute preparations, including painting cakes (cake decorating). See photos here.


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