Sujay Shah: In progress paintings

I have been making a range of distorted drawings from televised soccer games to observational drawings depicting everyone in the painting studio, and their various surrounding architectures. I have then turned these drawings into paintings. Astonished, the color of coffee cups, to the color of the clouds and skies, to the color of fellow students’ clothing, to the walls and tables of Maison Basse have somehow made their way into my paintings without premeditated intention.

This quarter has been a big step for me: I have started to glaze my abstractions, shhhh! Don’t tell anybody! Glazing was supposedly only for those old Flemish bats such as Van Eyck and Vermeer for enhancing their representational painting and so I had thought that it was an untouchable technique that had been drowned in too much historical baggage. But, it has actually invigorated my abstractions and has certainly given them a greater depth, and glazing is now a staple of my painting process.

Photo Credit: Kayla Cloonan

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