Seriously Interesting

By Carolyn Hepler-Smith, BFA Painting, SCAD Savannah

I’d been feeling quite productive here in Lacoste, that is, until I began reading up on Vincent Van Gogh.  In the last two months of his life, Van Gogh produced eighty paintings.  Since arriving in the south of France, I’ve finished eight.  Not so prolific, is it?  On the bright side, I am not at the end of my life,  so I’ll catch up to him.

To my credit, I’ve done a significant number of smaller studies (50+) while exploring Provence.  These include sketches done with the frottage process, for which I have a newfound fascination.

Aside from the rubbing indexes I’ve taken here, inspiration has found me by means of cherry tree sap, Paul Cezanne’s late watercolors, and the warm/cool contrast of the French landscape.

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