Silverpoint and beyond, Faculty Presentation by Professor Sherran Deems

Sherry Deems, professor of foundation studies at SCAD Savannah, provided a workshop on Wednesday, October 24 as the fourth presenter in the Fall 2012 Faculty Presentation series.

Professor Deems holds up an example. Photo by Tom Fischer.

Studio I was filled with students from photography, painting, sculpture, and other majors who were eager to see and use unusual materials to create drawings. Professor Deems shared examples of work by contemporary artists who use silverpoint as a major part of their practice, such as Carol Prusa. And then everyone was invited to create a drawing using either a bit of silver wire, a nail, or a copper coin. One student even removed a sterling silver pendant and used it to draw. Paper coated in two layers of acrylic gesso had been prepared by Professor Deems’ teaching intern, Charles Parham. Students chose between a traditional soft blue and ivory. Some students chose to draw the skeleton and others worked from still life objects.

Kayla Cloonan, undergraduate painter, examines metal point drawing tools. Photo by S.Reed

Silverpoint drawing by undergraduate painter Emily Nelms. Photo by S.Reed









Melina Taylor, undergraduate photography student, had the wherewithal to bring her prepared paper and nail to Cezanne’s atelier in Aix-en-Provence during the program trip on Friday. While there, she created a metal-point drawing of some of Cezanne’s still-life objects. After a few minutes, the attendant offered her a chair in order to more comfortably sit and begin a second drawing. It is hard to imagine that any one else has ever created such drawings as these!

Thank you to Professor Deems for sharing her knowledge and providing an opportunity for our students to experience metal-point drawing for themselves.

By Sandra Reed, professor of painting


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