Building Windows

By Ana Gardiner, B.F.A. Painting SCAD Atlanta

I am in a perpetually heightened state of awareness when it comes to perceiving the world. By observing the sounds, colors, and patterns surrounding me, I am able to create a certain composition or setting for my paintings. I address each painting with a different amount of sensitivity based on what created the composition. Although I am using nature as a foundation, body language and the voices of those around me have also–unexpectedly-impacted my work. My reliance on the visual world derives from my synesthesia. This perceptual condition is defined by its symptoms of mixed sensations. For me, I hear color. From a young age I have watched and learned from the unspoken language revealed through movements and undulating colors and shapes heard from the tone and pauses in each voice

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As shown above, each layer of paint has its own characteristics due to a unique set of influences. For example, the first window painting is based largely off landscape whereas the second pertains more closely to the colors and shapes generated from listening to my classmates. For the first painting shown, I painted after stretching the canvas into the window. For the second, I have installed the windows but I am painting first before cutting out the windows.

I hope to engage the viewer more intimately by giving them a better understanding of my process and how these windows come to exist. As each painting develops, the windows purpose will become more apparent.


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