Natural Processes of the Mind and Body

By Kate Phillips, Painting and Sculpture BFA, SCAD-Atlanta

As I reach a midway point in my intermediate painting series, I find myself at a crossroads between preservation and biodegradation. As I apply natural materials including, but not limited to, grapes, olives, peat moss, limestone, ochre, and basil, I have begun to witness the varying natures of these environmental materials. My choice to create works that are ephemeral versus everlasting lies most significantly in the binders I choose. As a commentary on the evolution of painting in general, I have not limited myself to pure, chemical-free, natural binders like gum arabic, but have included them in addition to a small amount of synthetic and acrylic mediums.

With the passing of time, my ‘paintings’ will grow and evolve into a new visual appearance, but also a spiritual one through the literal erosion, decomposition, and, in some areas, permanence of materials. I hope the audience will find these processes as full of beauty and consciousness as they also live and age beside my living paintings.

Photo credits to Kate Marie Phillips, Kayla Cloonan, and Sandra Reed respectively.

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