Filling The Empty Space

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When first arriving at the beautiful Maison Basse September 21, 2012, a strange mystery was noted. In the kitchen area an obvious empty space had been made in the midst of its decorations hanging on the wall near the ceiling. There was some speculation as to the reason for this, but no one really knew why. Tyler Giordano and I were approached about the answer to the mystery. We found out that it was an empty space made with intentional design in mind. The plan was to have a student or students imitate one of the tin flower decorations in the art nouveaux style to fill the designated space. Having an interesting element incorporated into the interior design of the room was very clever and enhances the already stimulating atmosphere. Over the course of a few weeks, Tyler and I used acrylic paint to work on this project while making changes and new observations along the way. Tyler said that the most challenging thing about the project was: “Because of the dim lighting near the ceiling, it was hard to recreate the accurate colors we needed to match the other decorations.” After a substantial amount of hard work, the ultimate goal of filling the empty space with the desired image was achieved. I am proud of our result and am glad that after I am finished with my quarter here, a little piece of me will be left behind for many to see in the years to come.

By: Julie Ferris, BFA Painting

Photo credit: Sandra Reed (3) and Julie Ferris (1)


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