Painters Painting and Danto

Many of the painting students are reading After the End of Art by Arthur Danto as the course text. Undergraduates will each write a summary of one of its eleven chapters in preparation to discuss these with the graduate painting students and Professor Reed in small groups next week.

To provide context for discussion of Danto’s ideas regarding the ‘passing of the pure’ and ‘post-historical art,’ painting students gathered in the Maison Basse conference room last night, Thursday, October 18, and watched “Painters Painting,” a 116-minute documentary. This film features interviews with leading artists, critics, and patrons who lived in New York between 1940 and 1970, many of whom are mentioned in the course text.

Thanks to graduate painting student Charles Parham for bringing the DVD to Lacoste.

By Sandra Reed, Professor of Painting

Photo credit: Sandra Reed


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