Maison Basse Dedication

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This Saturday evening, October 6, was the grand opening of Maison Basse!  SCAD Lacoste was paid a visit by our President Paula Wallace as well as patrons who made it possible for us to have the incredible work space that we are now using. Throughout the week they took extra time to visit students and faculty in their studios for encouragement and collaboration. President Wallace’s presence was warmly welcomed by the students. “She was very approachable and enthusiastic about getting to know us and was interested in our goals while in Lacoste,” said one student with whom she spoke.

The hybrid studio-living space was dedicated with a late afternoon soirée. Faculty, donors, students, and community members (including Pierre Cardin) came together in the courtyard of Maison Basse, sharing cultures and basking in the evolving history of SCAD’s presence in Lacoste. There were multiple languages spoken on the lawn, along with circulating hors d’œuvres of local foods including, cucumber-lobster bites, tomato mozzarella, and an olive tapenade spread. The desserts were equally delicious and featured fruit from nearby orchards.

Tours were given for all the guests provided by preservationist Jean-Pierre Soalhat, one of several key individuals in the restoration of Maison Basse. “It has been made evident the great care that the restoration team has taken. It has given Maison Basse its life back,” said one student.  The historical essence of the property has not been lost, but only enhanced.

As the evening continued, students were invited to play the mini grand piano that was located next to the lawn. There was much laughter, conversation, and excitement. “The evening was pretty marvelous and impactful,” said Paige Westberg, resident assistant for Maison Basse.


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