Moving into Maison Basse

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On Sunday, September 23 all the students in the Painting classes met up with Professor Reed to set up our brand-new studio at Maison Basse, located in the foothills of Lacoste, France. Our recently restored wood-and-stone complex, with some parts dated to the 12th century, retains its beautiful medieval character and charms and we are excited to be the first ones to occupy this space.

We enthusiastically took part in setting up desks and easels, covering surfaces with craft paper to keep them clean, and in no time the studio was ready. Each student claimed a desk and easel by the end of the week, which went smoothly as well.  I am always amazed at how respectful and collaborative the Painting students are, however jet-lagged and anxious to start.

The stone exterior of Maison Basse surrounded by neatly manicured orchards and vineyards and pool looks picturesque at day and romantic at night.  The interior is cozy and amply stocked for comfortable use with decorated lounges, computer labs, a shared kitchen, a cafeteria and working spaces.  Emily Nelms, Painting BFA, says, “It’s a great environment for creativity.  And there are a lot of paintings by graduate students I’ve seen before but I haven’t been able to study, so I really appreciate that they are displayed here.”

Written by Mizuki Katakura, Painting BFA


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