Landscape Painting – Week 1: Painting by Moonlight

Landscape painting students paint the Harvest full moon from the Maison Basse courtyard.

One’s awareness of light and weather shifts is made keen by the Lacoste setting. This is a theme that runs through the design of Landscape Painting. Our class spans the Minor Hours of midafternoon and Vespers as the sun sets (it begins at 1 pm and ends at 7:30 pm). To expand this range, a class extra help session was held during Compline to paint the Harvest moon on Sunday evening, September 30. The  wind was still and a few cirrus clouds caught the moonlight, calling paintings by El Greco to mind. I made a presentation with examples of night paintings before students convened in the Maison Basse courtyard or its perimeter, with their gaze oriented toward the moon in the southeastern sky. Some painters embraced their diminished visibility, in which a dark red and a dark green or blue were indistinguishable; others strategized with a premixed palette so that they could remember which colors were in what locations on their palette. The next day, a few students made minor adjustments to their paintings in the studio.

By Sandra Reed, professor of painting


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