Great Catch. Faculty Presentation by Professor Fischer

On Wednesday, September 26, Tom Fischer, professor of photography, opened the faculty presentation series with his talk at Maison Forte.

By Emily J. B. Harris, MFA Photography, SCAD Atlanta

Photo by Professor Tom Fischer

Photo by Professor Tom Fischer

Photography and fishing are two topics, which under normal circumstances hold little connection to each other.  This is not the case for photography professor Tom Fischer. In his lecture for SCAD-Lacoste, he was able to provide many ways to connect these two passions that he enjoys. He was once a fisherman but later pursued photography and eventually became a professor.  He explained in his lecture that the main similarity is that you must constantly throw out the line to catch a fish or in photo terms “a great photograph.”  Both take a lot of time, patience, and persistence.

Tom has a unique ability to provide thoughtful statements alongside wit and humor.  He often gives us a peek not only into his work, but also his personal history and experiences. Through laughter and story telling he guides us through his vision of the world. Many of his travel photographs obtain irony and comedy. One can see the careful persistence and joy he has for fishing for great photographs.


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