Apt: Market Trips

Each day of the week, a different village or city in the area hosts a market. This brings fresh foods and other goods directly to residents on a rotating basis. It also distributes the economic benefits around.

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On Saturdays, the market is in Apt, and it is a big one. In fact, there has been a market in Apt for more than 900 years. Saussillon, paella, marinated garlic, subtle silk garments, and inexpensive bold tops, centuries-old books, linen tablecloths and napkins, and so much more is available.

Also, Apt is the largest closest town to Lacoste. Three stores there get great business from SCAD students: Station Peinture (art store), Mr. Bricolage (hardware store), and E. LeClerc (general goods and grocery items).

On Saturday before the quarter began (Sat Sept 22), all students and faculty made a trip into Apt in two big buses. On all subsequent Saturdays, four staff and faculty members will each drive a van of eight students each so that additional materials (and gifts) may be purchased.


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